GelTech Cobra Curved Punch Spar-Mitt

GelTech Cobra Curved Punch Spar-Mitt

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3rd generation - Improved version of our GelTech Cobra Curved Punch Mitt with ventilated mesh finger covers for added security to avoid fingers snapping.

A nylon loop on the opening to keep hand cover in place which helps in providing an excellent fit for the wearer


2 inches of extra piece of padding on top to use this pad as a training gloves to strike back.

All leather construction. A full 2" of padding absorb shock as well as a full size mitt. 7" wide, 9.5" height.
Multiple layer of padding with GelTech absorbs shock 
Curved design with grip ball for anatomically correct hand position.
Conforms naturally to the curve of the hand, extra underside padding for wrist support,  it has velcro strap over the wrist area for perfect fit

Measures: 9.5" Tall x 7" Wide x 2 Thick"
Weighs: 10oz

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